Sang Bleu Academy

About Sang Bleu

Your child’s safety and well being are our first priority.

Computer Lab
Sports & Activities
Arts & Culture

Multimedia Classes

Our school is made up of pre-school classes for toddlers and year 1-4 classes.

Transport Facilities

SBA School provides safe and congenial transport facilities for children.

Talent and Skills

We pride ourselves in finding and creating talents and skills in our kids.

Brief History Of Sang Bleu Academy

Sang Bleu Academy was established in Lagos in the year 2015 by a family with over 20years experience in the Education industry; they had earlier pioneered an elementary and secondary school in Delta state which is still excelling today. Sang Bleu Academy started its operations at No. 14 Ibrahim Odofin Street Idado Estate off Lekki Epe Expressway Lagos.
The start-up facility was a school building that housed a crèche, 4 nursery classes, 6 primary classes, an ICT room, a library, a medic room, a hall, as well as a generous play area. Prior to the official opening of the school, the management of Sang Bleu Academy hired qualified teachers as per the Lagos state ministry of education requirements to ensure academic excellence.
Upon commencement of school operations, the school management alongside some parents started the parents’ teachers association; this facilitated parents’ participation in school activities.
(The management of Sang Bleu Academy also began fulfilling their corporate social responsibility within the first year of operation, they launched) the School Sang Bleu Academy also began its corporate social responsibility with the launch of the #blackchildrenread initiative. The initiative is created to sensitize society on the importance of reading; our aim is to buttress the fact that by improving the lives of our children we in turn improve our future. The #blackchildrenread initiative also offers full scholarship to an under privileged child every year. The #blackchildrenread initiative promises to always encourage the education of children and also provide free education to as many children (as they can) within its resources.

Our Ethos

Open mindedness

Understanding that there is more to life than what we immediately know is paramount to learning

Love and Respect

At Sang Bleu we teach by showing learners love, we constantly explain to our pupils the importance of mutual respect.

Innovation and creativity

Children have an innate ability to be creative, we nurture our ‘beginners mind’. Pupils will always be engaged in activities designed to foster creativity and innovation.

Team work/ sharing

Learners are made to work in teams on special projects, to enhance their interactive skills, to drive a healthy competition and most importantly they learn to work with each other

Academic excellence

Academic excellence is the inevitable end result of our learning styles; we have mastered the art of making teaching fun, the environment in school prompts an eagerness to learn. Our school is grooming pupils with the love for self-development.

High moral standards

A brilliant mind without a sense of right and wrong cannot fully be accessed nor or explored. We imbibe (morals, responsibility and respect) in our pupil’s (morals, responsibility and respect). We teach learners to be open minded in their thinking but also to be respectful, sensitive, honourable and strong in their decisions and actions.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To reform the thought process of every child beyond the norm.
To shape their minds to only want better for themselves and their community.

Mission Statment

To create a thought provoking environment that will enhance the progress of each child. Foster intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among learners.
To learn as knowledge unfolds.