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The EYFS curriculum is integrated with the Nigerian curriculum in our preschool. The early years foundation stage curriculum encourages learners to learn by exploring. Learners are engaged in activities that encourage creativity and critical thinking. The Nigerian curriculum contains basic foundation topics and helps to build writing skills in young learners.

The areas of study include are designed to influence;


Year One

There are various ways of helping the children have a very easy and good grasps of what they are being taught. We give the children exciting fun-filled and interesting methods of learning.

Included areas of study are designed to influence:


Year Two

This class furthers what pupils have been taught in Year One with new topics. Pupils are exposed to several subjects such as Numeracy, Literacy, Geography, Science, History, Religious Education, etc. We have a blended approach to learning each subject in this class. We incorporate the following:


Year Three

Year three is the highest class for the lower basic level (5-8 years old). Therefore, pupils are introduced progressively into the middle basic level (8-11 years old), with more verbal statements and elaborate explanations. Pupils are exposed to several subjects such as Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Geography, Physical, Social, Health, Citizenship Education (P.S.H.C.E.), etc. with their immediate environment as a learning resource.


Year Four

Year Four Year 4 is the beginning of the higher classes (Year 4 to Year 6) Year 4 introduces new levels of exposure and discovery of different learning techniques. Pupils of ages 8-9 are in this category. They are exposed to a more advanced and brain-tasking topics in Science, Literacy, Numeracy, History, Social Studies, Spelling, etc.The methods of learning are: